You Don't Have to Work Hard to Get Followers and Likes on Instagram!

Starting from 149$ per month and you will get a robot that does everything automatically for you!

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Have you always wanted an Instagram account with thousands of followers and likes from a quality and targeted Audience?

Now it's simple and you don't have to work hard!

Whether you’re one of those people who don’t have time to use Instagram or those who can’t seem to get the wanted results from Instagram, using our advanced robot you can finally enjoy thousands of exposures, involvement, and results from your Instagram profile.

Using the world’s most advanced technologies we have been able to develop an automated robot that simulates the activity of a completely real person… And the biggest advantage is that our robot is as most secure and fast as you can get, and it also prevents getting blocked so it’s risk-free and achieves as many results as possible in a short time.

How does it work?

The bot is an “automated” system that knows how to simulate the activities of a real person online and perform the same actions automatically, 24/7.

When we define actions for the bot, such as: follow, like, watch stories, etc … We can determine the type of audience we want to direct the bot’s actions at.

Imagine that the bot is your very own autopilot! Instead of you doing all the hard work, the robot does everything for you, constantly and at a faster pace.

Who should get an Instagram robot?


Over 1,000 users have already purchased the bot

We invite you too to enjoy the services of our bot that will do everything for you without you having to move a finger.

Because that’s how it’s like when you have an Instagram partner who works 24/7 to improve the number of your followers, likes, and comments.

Our bot is the only bot in the world that prevents your account from getting blocked and performs the max number of actions possible from your Instagram account.

Our Packages

Robot Basic 149$ /a Month

Robot Extra 299$ /a Month

Robot Ultimate 499$ /a Month

Join now and you could enjoy:

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Exposure of your profile to thousands of global users every da

Asset 2

Increasing the number of followers and likes daily

Asset 3

Targeting a relevant audience to your needs

Asset 4

More comments, more shares, and more results!


Whether you choose the basic package for the world’s most advanced bot, the answer depends on a number of important parameters such as: How old is your profile? Is it active and uploads posts daily? Does your content have a certain value? And is it possible to count solely on the bot without doing anything else?

So the answer to your question is: the bot simulates the activity of a real person and can get you between 500 and 10,000 followers, likes, and comments every month on average. But you must remember one simple thing! The more you continue to upload posts, stories, and the more your profile will display quality content, the more the number of actions will increase accordingly.

Significant progress can usually be seen in the second or third month, but in many cases, progress can already be seen during the first month.

If you are not satisfied or do not see progress and activity using the bot, you are always welcome to contact us at support@getboost.social and we will be happy to help!

Anyway, all of our packages are with no obligation.

Our bot is the only one in the world that operates on Israeli servers, so there is no chance that Instagram will block your profile. You can be 100% certain of that! We guarantee it.

Definitely, and it’s highly recommended that you do so! You can list the audience you are interested in within the comments on the order screen, for example:

Ages 13 to 30

U.S accounts

Followers of the users: yakov74, meni76, moshe99

Hashtags: #hairextensions #love #friyay

The main difference is the number of daily actions that the bot performs + features and advanced tools that aren’t included in the basic package.

Our bot works for both personal and business profiles alike.

The process of setting up the bot takes up to 48 hours from the time the order is placed. In most cases, the bot starts working within 24 hours, but since the demand for the bot is high, we guarantee up to 48 hours.

The purchasing process is simple. Simply choose one of the packages listed above, fill in your details and pay by credit card or Cryptocurrency.


So what are you waiting for?

Boost your Instagram profile to the next level!